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Dealing with the Pandemic: in which stage are you in?

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COVID-19 , 5 stages

We recognize that you must all be dealing with very tough moments in your life; this global situation is unprecedented and is forcing everyone to change life and work habits overnight. Hopefully in a few months we’ll all be able to look back at Q1/Q2 of 2020 as a bad spell and life in the open will have restarted. But for now? how are you coping? 

Here at MyGlobalConference we have realised that some of us are actually going through the famous 5-stages of grief (framework created in 1969 by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, a swiss-american psychiatrist who studied grief in the terminally ill):

Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance

Come to think of it, probably all of us are going through some form of the 5 stages, even entire countries… 

We first deny that the situation is even affecting us: there are only a few cases in my country, no one I know has COVID-19… it’s a problem only Asia has… I will not stop my usual routine.

Then we become upset at the fact that we are forced to restrict our movements, that cases are growing and that the government is not handling the situation correctly…

Follows bargaining with everyone we know about the real need to wear a mask, the fact that it’s ok to still go to the hairdresser, having the neighbor’s kids over for a playdate…

Tired of negotiating we give-in and depression sets in; we need to work from home and it’s annoying, we’ll never make it through the week, life sucks, the economy will crash together with all our hopes and dreams… 

…But then comes acceptance. Learning from our Asia-based team and customers, we know this is possible; it actually happens. It’s ok to stay home for a few weeks, it’s only a few weeks, a new routine kicks-in, the realisation that we’ll weather it-out dawns on us and we become more patient, more kind with our families who are going through the same journeys.

So, in which stage are you in? 

Stay safe, be kind, 


Why do we still use conference calls?

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Yes, many might wonder why we still use traditional phone conferences in the day and age of fast internet and chat applications… well there are multiple reasons for that:

1) Universality

We often find ourselves dialing into calls with people outside our organisation, who might not employ the same web applications, sometimes because of IT choices, sometimes because of security concerns. Long story short, a phone call is something anyone in the world can do. It transcends all IT firewalls, policies, application interfaces. A phone line is also pretty anonymous, and doesn’t require to become “friends” with anyone on any app in order to connect and start talking.
With a phone conference call, you can pretty much start talking immediately without any compatibility issues, nor installation of applications, software or sign-up to anything.

2) Reliability

Internet is ubiquitous, that is true, yet in some parts of the world, data plans are limited, or internet is not available on the go as in developed countries. Even with a stable internet connection, sometimes data rates fluctuate and voice quality suffers. A phone line is pretty stable these days, anywhere in the world. Voice quality can be guaranteed.

3) Convenience

It is fast, very fast to connect, many of our users use the shortcuts in their calendars to allow participants to dial the access number and the PIN all at once (see our other blog post). But even without this, just dial the access number, and when prompted enter the PIN. that’s it. that fast. nothing to install.

In short, yes, there are many new internet services out there to do group calls. And I must admit that I sometimes use them too. But when I call outside the company I use 100% traditional conference calls.

With myGlobalconference you only pay what you use, there’s no fixed monthly fee, so you do not have to worry about it. Just have the account ready and handy and use it when needed. That simple.

Chat with us for more info, we are here to help!

E.B. for myGC

What if the local country dial-in number is not listed?

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No problem! everyone can still join the call. Here’s how it works:

To join a conference call (or start one) you just need to dial any of the conference access phone numbers and, when prompted, enter the unique conference PIN number.

Every conference call provider will give you a long list of phone numbers to dial when you want to join a conference call. You can dial any of them, they all work. Of course you should try to dial your local country number to save on your phone bill, but you can dial any phone number in the list, they will all work.

If you want to save on the phone call charges, and cannot dial your local country phone number, you still have options:

At myGlobalConference we’ve got you covered with many alternative ways to connect to the conference call!

Oh, and finally, did we mention that our local dial-in phone numbers are regular phone numbers? This means that they are not “special” or “overtaxed” phone numbers, just plain ones… so you never get any bad surprise on your phone bill!

Still have questions? let us know via the chatbox or send us an email!

have great conferences


New China dial-in number

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Dear my Global Conference users,

after a few issues with our China dial-in number, we have changed it to a new one. Please now use this number for China local dial-in:
+86 4006306783
Have great conference !

How to enable Onavo protect on china mobile phones

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I have struggled to get Onavo protect VPN to work on my China Mobile phone and have finally resolved the issue and felt that it could be worth sharing with the community.

It turns out the solution is quite easy: uninstall Onavo, take out the SIM card, connect to a WiFi network, re-download and install Onavo again and it should work! (then you can re-insert the SIM card of course)

I am currently running Onavo Protect version 1.11

Hope it helps!

Have great conferences!

E.B. for myGC


Skype conference call? Yes you can with myGlobalConference

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myGlobalConference allows you to dial into your conference call through Skype for free!

…how does it work

2 ways to hold a Skype Conference call with myGlobalConference; one is free, the other is not, beware!

  • the free way consists in adding the user “myglobalconference” to your contacts¬†list in Skype. We automatically accept your invitation and as soon as you call the “myglobalconference” user you are immediately prompted by our system to enter the conference code. No need to worry about dialing a number nor calling nationally nor internationally. You could do it from your mobile phone as well! (data network permitting of course, provided you have the Skype app installed)
  • the non-free way…is if you use Skype to dial one of our dial-in phone numbers. Technically it works… except you get charged by Skype for the phone call (unless you have a flat rate plan… in which case it is still free for you)

You have been warned!

Of course, not every participant needs to dial-in using Skype… the others can connect to the conference call using more traditional methods (landline, mobile phone for instace). Quite practical!

…any drawbacks? What’s the fine print?

Skype uses VoIP technology (Voice over IP); in other words it uses the internet to place calls and connect your computer to the phone system. By definition the call quality is dependent on the quality of your internet connection and the overall traffic levels on the internet at that time of day. Usually it works fine, but sometimes the call could drop, or the voice quality might suffer… this is completely independent from myGlobalConference. With such conditions, even Skype-to-Skype and Skype-to-Phone calls would suffer from the same hiccups. When this happens, we can only recommend to go back to the good old landline or mobile phone to place the call.

Hoping this helps to better understand what happens behind the scenes!

Have great conferences!


more info: (see Skype Conference call section)


How to join a conference call from an iPhone fast – hack –

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Some time ago we wrote about how to join conference calls at lightning speed, the tip referred to a blackberry, yet the same applies to an iPhone.

Indeed, you can just add pauses after the dial-in number and before the PIN of the conference call. Like this: type¬†+12126019299,,3425171¬†and dial… the phone will dial the number¬†+12126019299 then wait about 3 to 6 seconds and enter the PIN code¬†3425171.


iphone dial pad

iPhone dial pad has a pause and wait key

Easy!, now you can save this number combination in your contacts in case it’s a combination you use often, you can paste it in an email or a calendar invite and it’ll appear as clickable (blue and underlined). This will make your’s and the participant’s lives easier… (yes, the’ll be forever grateful)

Let’s push the hack further:

If you insert commas or p: ( ¬†, ¬†or p ) you get 3 seconds of pause per comma before the code is entered. This means that if you type 2 commas or p, you get 6 seconds of pause…

If you insert a semi-colon or w: ( ¬†; ¬† or w) you get a wait, meaning the system waits for the other party to pick up and then enters the code. Not recommended for conference calls, better a pause or two rather than a wait…


Have great conferences!