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Dealing with the Pandemic: in which stage are you in?

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COVID-19 , 5 stages

We recognize that you must all be dealing with very tough moments in your life; this global situation is unprecedented and is forcing everyone to change life and work habits overnight. Hopefully in a few months we’ll all be able to look back at Q1/Q2 of 2020 as a bad spell and life in the open will have restarted. But for now? how are you coping? 

Here at MyGlobalConference we have realised that some of us are actually going through the famous 5-stages of grief (framework created in 1969 by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, a swiss-american psychiatrist who studied grief in the terminally ill):

Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance

Come to think of it, probably all of us are going through some form of the 5 stages, even entire countries… 

We first deny that the situation is even affecting us: there are only a few cases in my country, no one I know has COVID-19… it’s a problem only Asia has… I will not stop my usual routine.

Then we become upset at the fact that we are forced to restrict our movements, that cases are growing and that the government is not handling the situation correctly…

Follows bargaining with everyone we know about the real need to wear a mask, the fact that it’s ok to still go to the hairdresser, having the neighbor’s kids over for a playdate…

Tired of negotiating we give-in and depression sets in; we need to work from home and it’s annoying, we’ll never make it through the week, life sucks, the economy will crash together with all our hopes and dreams… 

…But then comes acceptance. Learning from our Asia-based team and customers, we know this is possible; it actually happens. It’s ok to stay home for a few weeks, it’s only a few weeks, a new routine kicks-in, the realisation that we’ll weather it-out dawns on us and we become more patient, more kind with our families who are going through the same journeys.

So, in which stage are you in? 

Stay safe, be kind, 


Why do we still use conference calls?

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Yes, many might wonder why we still use traditional phone conferences in the day and age of fast internet and chat applications… well there are multiple reasons for that:

1) Universality

We often find ourselves dialing into calls with people outside our organisation, who might not employ the same web applications, sometimes because of IT choices, sometimes because of security concerns. Long story short, a phone call is something anyone in the world can do. It transcends all IT firewalls, policies, application interfaces. A phone line is also pretty anonymous, and doesn’t require to become “friends” with anyone on any app in order to connect and start talking.
With a phone conference call, you can pretty much start talking immediately without any compatibility issues, nor installation of applications, software or sign-up to anything.

2) Reliability

Internet is ubiquitous, that is true, yet in some parts of the world, data plans are limited, or internet is not available on the go as in developed countries. Even with a stable internet connection, sometimes data rates fluctuate and voice quality suffers. A phone line is pretty stable these days, anywhere in the world. Voice quality can be guaranteed.

3) Convenience

It is fast, very fast to connect, many of our users use the shortcuts in their calendars to allow participants to dial the access number and the PIN all at once (see our other blog post). But even without this, just dial the access number, and when prompted enter the PIN. that’s it. that fast. nothing to install.

In short, yes, there are many new internet services out there to do group calls. And I must admit that I sometimes use them too. But when I call outside the company I use 100% traditional conference calls.

With myGlobalconference you only pay what you use, there’s no fixed monthly fee, so you do not have to worry about it. Just have the account ready and handy and use it when needed. That simple.

Chat with us for more info, we are here to help!

E.B. for myGC

What if the local country dial-in number is not listed?

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No problem! everyone can still join the call. Here’s how it works:

To join a conference call (or start one) you just need to dial any of the conference access phone numbers and, when prompted, enter the unique conference PIN number.

Every conference call provider will give you a long list of phone numbers to dial when you want to join a conference call. You can dial any of them, they all work. Of course you should try to dial your local country number to save on your phone bill, but you can dial any phone number in the list, they will all work.

If you want to save on the phone call charges, and cannot dial your local country phone number, you still have options:

At myGlobalConference we’ve got you covered with many alternative ways to connect to the conference call!

Oh, and finally, did we mention that our local dial-in phone numbers are regular phone numbers? This means that they are not “special” or “overtaxed” phone numbers, just plain ones… so you never get any bad surprise on your phone bill!

Still have questions? let us know via the chatbox or send us an email!

have great conferences


How to dial into a conference call super fast

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learn the trick to auto-dial into a conference call!!

We published this some time ago and it got lots of attention, so we decided to refresh it and bring it back again!



Nowadays, many of us dial into conference calls using a mobile or smartphone, and we all know that typing the local access code and the pin code takes a while (plus the frustration of having to look for the code in an email or calendar invite by switching applications etc… ). But that should not be a problem….

Insert a “,” when dialing a number for a 3~5 second pause

 Most mobile phones allow you to dial a number including “pauses”, this is usually done by typing a comma ( “,” ) between the numbers you wish to dial automatically. You can also save phone numbers into your contact list including “pauses”! (works on iPhone and Android too!)

(you gotta love the blackberry pics!, remember the BB 😉 )

For instance if you save number +390699268374,1234567 your mobile phone will dial +390699268374 first, then wait 3 seconds and then dial 1234567. This is very useful when you need to dial an extension after the main number of a company; but it can also be a very useful trick to dial into conference calls!

I recommend adding two commas for a total of 6 seconds of pause between the number and the pin code just to be on the safe side! Most phones support the comma (“,”), but many phones (Blackberry, iphone and many android smartphones) support the letter “p” or “x”. Check out your user manual or simply test it!.

Save your own reservationless conference favorite dial-ins and moderator pin code in your mobile’s contact list.

What I do is that I save my most used local dial-in numbers followed by two commas and my moderator pin code in my smartphone’s contacts list, so when the time comes to dial-in to my call, I just call up the saved contact and auto-dial into the conference! that easy!

The entry looks like this:

<Local dial-in number>,,<my reservationless conference moderator pin code>

(note that the comma might appear as a “p” in some phones)

I have one entry like this per local dial-in I frequently use (in my case Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy), and I add more as I need. That saves me a lot of time and hassle!

I hope you find this first tip useful,

have great conferences!

Are Dial-In Numbers Available In African Countries?

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Conference calls are a great way to communicate overseas. When running an international business, you never know where you might have to call or call from. It’s important to hire a service that can provide you with quality access from any country —  even Africa.

Superior conference call systems don’t only provide dial-in numbers, but they also enhance your brand image by making them toll-free. Let’s see how far a quality service can go when it comes to international communication.

You Just Have To Ask

Sometimes, conference call systems don’t provide dial-in numbers for all African countries. The good news is, any service that cares for its customers will make the number you need available. All you have to do is ask. The digital nomad lifestyle is expanding globally every minute. It’s almost impossible to not get a toll-free number to access the country you want. Just check out the long list of toll-free dial-in numbers already available.

Think about it. With how much the Internet is growing, international business keeps increasing. Communication overseas is more and more constant. The sooner you take care of the issue, the better. Once you get a quality service that enables you to provide a toll-free conference call access, even from Africa, you’re set. Not only that, but you’ll offer a solid overseas communication channel for you and your clients.

Toll-Free Numbers = Professional Courtesy

International business can be a tricky game. Whether you’re trying to gain new clients or keep the ones you have, the least you could do is not charge them for a call. That’s one of the reasons why paid conference call services provides toll-free numbers. They allow other people to join a conference call, without having to pay the bill.

With an international toll-free number anyone from that specific country can join the call at anytime. Participants are less hesitant to dial-in to a call with toll-free numbers. Your business maintains prestige and image while clients get a sense of professionalism and trust.

Quality Service Benefits

If you want to ensure good quality and benefits, a paid service will always deliver more. You probably won’t find dial-in numbers for African countries in free conference call services. Also, they aren’t completely free. Many of them charge taxes and long distance calls. Do you want to pay for bad service?

Superior conference call systems offer dial-in numbers for many different countries. Also, the quality of your call is much better than any free service out there. If people from all over the world are joining in the call, you want it to be as smooth and pleasant as possible.

Go Get Yours

Quality conference call service is a game changing tool for any international business. If you want to build your brand globally and communicate with any part of the world, don’t hesitate to do so. Host clear sounding conference calls with a unique toll-free dial-in number today. Sign up and go get yours now!

Let clients and partners access toll-free conference calls from anywhere on earth. Contact Us Today.


The Multiple Options for Conference Calls Dial-In

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Conference calls are a great way to boost your brand image. It doesn’t matter if it’s a local or international call. Many people can join in at once by following a few easy steps. Unfortunately, people don’t always know what their options are. There are some simple things you should know before making an effective conference call. Let’s take a look.

Can I Access a Conference Call From Anywhere?

Local calls are simple. People from the same area don’t need to dial any special number. All they need is the local conference call access number. For international calls, just check if the country you want to communicate with has a dial-in number. There’s a long list of country dial in numbers. If the one you need isn’t included, you can make a request add a new local country dial-in number.

For each conference call, you may choose to activate toll-free access. This doesn’t mean you can’t call from a regular toll number. Both types of numbers allow international access. At myGlobalConference, conference call participants can dial any of the toll numbers listed on our web-site and join the conference call.

Other Conference Call Access Methods

Regular phone lines aren’t the only way to join a conference call. There are alternative methods to choose from for your utmost comfort and convenience. Here are some examples:

  • WebRTC dialer: Connect to your audio conference for free from your web browser. You can also experience higher quality audio than traditional phone lines.
  • Skype: You’ll have no problem making local and international calls. Make sure you have a solid Internet connection.
  • Google GTalk: Enter the access code and join the conference right away.

These methods are great for travelling workers and entrepreneurs. It’s always convenient to have different options to fit your specific lifestyle. With today’s easy access to the web, it doesn’t really matter what method you use.

The Dial Out Feature

If for any reason a participant can’t access a call using the methods above, you can connect with them by using the dial-out feature. This allows the participant to join the call at any time, even if they don’t have a dial-in number. Basically, you don’t have to worry if other participants have the dial-in number or not. Now there’s no more excuses for missing a conference call.

Dial-out is very simple. First you start the conference call by dialing-in yourself. Then you log in to the myGlobalConference web dashboard and follow the link to the “dial-out” page. Just enter the phone number of the participant, and they automatically get called and added to the conference. It’s easy, but very few people know this trick. Plus, you can dial any number in the world!

Know Your Options

There are more than enough ways to access a conference call no matter your situation. You just need to know your options, and use them in a way that fits your business. Once you set up a conference call account, there are no limits to your communication. With these methods you can work from home, travel and do business with any country in the world. Now that it’s all laid out for you, go and make that conference call happen!

Gain new clients with quality conference call service and boost your brand image. Contact Us.


Toll-Free Numbers Delight Conference Call Guests

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If you are staging a conference call, you want to make it as seamless as possible. Nobody should be left out, right? Plus, if you’re running a business, you want to look professional. This means you prioritize your client’s best interests. Toll-free numbers can satisfy conference call participants in many ways. Let’s find out why.

Want superior toll-free service to upgrade your brand image? Contact Us Today.

The Main Benefits

Quality conference call services offer more toll-free dial-in numbers than regular toll numbers. This is a great advantage for clients overseas since it makes it much easier to join the call. Also, with better service comes better quality.  When using an established toll-free line service, you get a solid connection even with long distance calls. Not to mention, extra fees usually aren’t charged to the client.

Once you upgrade to superior conference call service, you can activate the toll-free numbers. Your clients can dial-in at any time without any cost whatsoever. Who wouldn’t like that? You pay for a quality system keeps your clients happy by providing an extra service. Any business in it for the long run should consider this.

It’s A Trust Builder

Having a toll-free dial-in number says a lot more about your brand than you realize. The people calling into the conference call feel that you care about your clients. A good image is important for any established company or growing business.

You want customers to have easy access to your conference call. A toll-free number provides a simple and quick way for people to join in. In a very concrete way, it instills trust. A brand that uses a toll-free number sees the value in a professional image. Even a smaller company seems ”bigger” if they host a conference call with a toll-free dial-in.

Two For One

International business is the new normal, and conference calls are no different. Offering toll-free dial-in gives you an advantage. You can have global reach and still maintain national presence. Most people today already have free-calling. Toll free conference call service actually plays a key role since you don’t want to interrupt free call status. It’s important to show people the scale of your brand.

What Suits You Best

It’s safe to say that setting up a toll-free conference call offers a wide range of exclusive advantages. There isn’t much to think about about if you’re running a full fledged business. It’s up to you to figure out what suits you and your business needs.

Step up to a higher level of professionalism. Get a toll-free conference call number for your business. Contact Us Today.

Comparing Conference Call Services for Business

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Running a business is no easy task. Sometimes you have so many things on your mind you can’t even get one thing done, let alone squeeze in time for a meeting somewhere. That’s what’s so great about conference calls. In this day and age, you can save time and money for your business with an online call, even if your employees or clients are thousands of miles away. Keeping that in mind, you also want the best quality for your business. Let’s break down the different conference call options so you can decide which suits you best.

The Free Version

Free conference calls are great. Who wants to pay an extra bill when running a business? All you have to do is sign up and use the service. It’s that simple. With Internet access and just a couple clicks you get on a conference call in no time. The thing is, this so called “free” service might have an extra twist.

For starters, the number you’re usually given isn’t a toll free number. This basically means that the people calling into the conference may get charged for the call. No serious business wants that going on. Also, long distance fees might not be included in the service, plus you may have to pay taxes. Last but not least, free conference calls tend to have low quality sound. It’s probably not good for your business image to sound choppy or distant every time you’re on a conference call.

With upgraded conference call services you get many benefits that are designed for professionals. Let’s see why.

Go Pro

If you’re looking for the utmost in business performance, you may want to try paying for a quality conference call service. Immediately after you sign up, you get a toll free number. This allows you to receive calls with the peace of mind that no one gets charged extra.Your calls also will have a clear actual phone line connection avoiding all kinds of extra irritating noises. Calling abroad is included in the service, so you can easily connect with over 50 countries.

Also, with an upgraded conference call service, you can get an intuitive web based dashboard. This allows you to manage every call, run multiple meetings at once as well as activate toll-free dial in numbers and download invoices on demand. Free conference calls will most likely not include this kind of software, let alone be as effective.

Some Questions to Ask

Before you sign up for anything, free or otherwise, ask these questions:

  • What’s availability like? Is the service available over 99% of the time?
  • How can you invite people to a call? Is email and SMS invite possible?
  • Does the service offer a way to get live feedback during the call?
  • Can people dial in via Skype or other platforms?
  • Is call recording available?

If you don’t get a “yes” to each of these questions, you may be settling for a package that makes your brand look less than professional.

How Much Do You Care?

At the end of the day, it all comes down to how much you care about your business. While going the free route will save you money now, it could hurt business later. If you look at the big picture, quality communication leads to better results. A professional conference call service improves your image and pleases clients wherever they might call in from.


V.C. for myGC

Conference Calls Are Getting Out Of Hand

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Conference Calls Are Getting Out Of Hand

Ever been unexpectedly interrupted in the middle of an important conference call? Most people have. Today, a lot of important communication happens from the comfort of our homes. This may lead to difficulties when trying to find a quiet place to talk. Being interrupted by your kid running around in a dirty diaper could easily happen. When it comes to chaotic interruptions, life can show no mercy. The possibilities are infinite.

If You’re Home Make Sure It’s Alone

All is good when you’re working from home. Nothing beats using your laptop on a comfy couch with the snacks you want and a carefree vibe. But what happens if your family suddenly comes home? You’re kids barge in, run around, laugh, and throw pillows at each other while your dog barks. Plus, your partner yells out “I’m home!” in a funny embarrassing tone. Just imagine what the people on the other end of the call will think.

Even In The Bathroom

Comfort can be a double edged sword, and in some cases make you take things a little too lightly. Say you’re in the middle of a call and feel the urge to use the restroom. Some might not even think about getting up to do their thing, even while a conference call is still going! Think of a bunch of people in suits on the other end hearing loud flushing noises on the call. Do you really want that happening?

They Can Still Hear You

What if you have to go to the grocery store, and you stay on a conference call while you’re driving? Maybe all of a sudden some little girl on a bike flies right in front of your car, and you almost hit her. Of course she keeps going without a care, but you scream your lungs out and forget everyone can still hear you. You’ll probably sound insane.

Take Into Account

Unexpected things happen in life and that’s just how it is. Still, there are some things you should take into account before an important conference call:

  • Make sure there are no other people around to distract you.
  • Pick a quiet and private place to avoid external noises.
  • Get other things out of the way beforehand and fully engage with the call.
  • Take into account where you are and where people on the other end might be.
  • Stay in the same spot until the conversation is over.

Save The Flushing For Later

In the end, you can’t avoid all distractions. Just make sure your kids aren’t running in to your home office while you’re talking. Also, leave cooking, taking out the trash and such for later. You want to seem like you’re paying attention to the call, not unclogging a toilet filled with who knows what. Come on, at least be somewhat professional.

V.C. for  myGC