Dealing with the Pandemic: in which stage are you in?

COVID-19 , 5 stages

We recognize that you must all be dealing with very tough moments in your life; this global situation is unprecedented and is forcing everyone to change life and work habits overnight. Hopefully in a few months we’ll all be able to look back at Q1/Q2 of 2020 as a bad spell and life in the open will have restarted. But for now? how are you coping? 

Here at MyGlobalConference we have realised that some of us are actually going through the famous 5-stages of grief (framework created in 1969 by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, a swiss-american psychiatrist who studied grief in the terminally ill):

Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance

Come to think of it, probably all of us are going through some form of the 5 stages, even entire countries… 

We first deny that the situation is even affecting us: there are only a few cases in my country, no one I know has COVID-19… it’s a problem only Asia has… I will not stop my usual routine.

Then we become upset at the fact that we are forced to restrict our movements, that cases are growing and that the government is not handling the situation correctly…

Follows bargaining with everyone we know about the real need to wear a mask, the fact that it’s ok to still go to the hairdresser, having the neighbor’s kids over for a playdate…

Tired of negotiating we give-in and depression sets in; we need to work from home and it’s annoying, we’ll never make it through the week, life sucks, the economy will crash together with all our hopes and dreams… 

…But then comes acceptance. Learning from our Asia-based team and customers, we know this is possible; it actually happens. It’s ok to stay home for a few weeks, it’s only a few weeks, a new routine kicks-in, the realisation that we’ll weather it-out dawns on us and we become more patient, more kind with our families who are going through the same journeys.

So, in which stage are you in? 

Stay safe, be kind, 


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