Why do we still use conference calls?

Yes, many might wonder why we still use traditional phone conferences in the day and age of fast internet and chat applications… well there are multiple reasons for that:

1) Universality

We often find ourselves dialing into calls with people outside our organisation, who might not employ the same web applications, sometimes because of IT choices, sometimes because of security concerns. Long story short, a phone call is something anyone in the world can do. It transcends all IT firewalls, policies, application interfaces. A phone line is also pretty anonymous, and doesn’t require to become “friends” with anyone on any app in order to connect and start talking.
With a phone conference call, you can pretty much start talking immediately without any compatibility issues, nor installation of applications, software or sign-up to anything.

2) Reliability

Internet is ubiquitous, that is true, yet in some parts of the world, data plans are limited, or internet is not available on the go as in developed countries. Even with a stable internet connection, sometimes data rates fluctuate and voice quality suffers. A phone line is pretty stable these days, anywhere in the world. Voice quality can be guaranteed.

3) Convenience

It is fast, very fast to connect, many of our users use the shortcuts in their calendars to allow participants to dial the access number and the PIN all at once (see our other blog post). But even without this, just dial the access number, and when prompted enter the PIN. that’s it. that fast. nothing to install.

In short, yes, there are many new internet services out there to do group calls. And I must admit that I sometimes use them too. But when I call outside the company I use 100% traditional conference calls.

With myGlobalconference you only pay what you use, there’s no fixed monthly fee, so you do not have to worry about it. Just have the account ready and handy and use it when needed. That simple.

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