What if the local country dial-in number is not listed?

No problem! everyone can still join the call. Here’s how it works:

To join a conference call (or start one) you just need to dial any of the conference access phone numbers and, when prompted, enter the unique conference PIN number.

Every conference call provider will give you a long list of phone numbers to dial when you want to join a conference call. You can dial any of them, they all work. Of course you should try to dial your local country number to save on your phone bill, but you can dial any phone number in the list, they will all work.

If you want to save on the phone call charges, and cannot dial your local country phone number, you still have options:

At myGlobalConference we’ve got you covered with many alternative ways to connect to the conference call!

Oh, and finally, did we mention that our local dial-in phone numbers are regular phone numbers? This means that they are not “special” or “overtaxed” phone numbers, just plain ones… so you never get any bad surprise on your phone bill!

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