Are Free Conference Calls Really Worth It? | MyGlobalConference

Are Free Conference Calls Really Worth It? | MyGlobalConference

Are Free Conference Calls Really Worth It?

Who doesn’t like free service? We enjoy all kinds of free stuff on the Internet everyday. The thing is, after a while we usually run in to some kind of inconvenience. We end up paying hidden costs or experiencing various technical problems here and there. So what about free conference calls, are they worth it?

Quality Matters

There’s nothing more irritating than extra noise, choppy voices or echoes when talking on the phone. What if you’re in the middle of an important call and the person on the other end can’t hear you? Quality matters, and it’s better to pay for a good service than to seem unprofessional.

Sometimes at the beginning of a free conference call, a message mentions the service name. You don’t want to have this going on if you’re trying to look like a full fledged business. Paid services get rid of unwanted announcements, allowing you to maintain your professional status.

Are They Really Free?

The truth is, free isn’t an accurate term for these services. Something more like almost free sounds better. At the end of the day, there are some sneaky costs you might be overlooking. Here are some things to take into account when using a free conference call service:

  • It’s based on toll numbers, not “toll-free”.
  • Long distance calls, taxes and other fees aren’t included.
  • It’s limited to a certain amount of minutes.
  • Customers may also pay extra fees.

The last point is very important. One thing is not having a great connection, but transfering a cost to a client without them knowing it is a huge mistake. How would you feel if you found out someone made you pay for something without your consent?

In It For The Long Run

If you run a business, you want things to work as smooth as possible. Free conference calls are low cost and convenient on a short term basis, but what about in the long run? Your business can’t run on young interns forever. That’s why you hire paid employees.

It’s the same with conference calls. When you pay for a premium service, you gain a lot more than you lose with a free one. Here are some benefits a paid conference call service provides:

  • Authentic and solid phone line connection.
  • Advanced infrastructure.
  • Ensured 99.999% system availability.
  • Dozens of local access numbers for conferences in any country.
  • Automatic invite via Email, SMS or Calendar.
  • Calling-in is Toll-Free or charged as a local call.

You Might As Well

In the end, free conference calls aren’t 100% free, so why even bother? They may satisfy the average user or may be a good option to get started, but it won’t give you much on a larger scale. If you’re looking to run a business in a professional manner, get on board with a professional conference call service.

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