Tip #3: how do I schedule repeating or regular conference calls?

It happens a lot, you are running a 4-month project and need to talk to the team every week, or maybe twice a week to discuss and review progress, share information… the last thing you want to do is schedule every meeting one at a time. So you fix a date and time and send out a repeat invite.

But what if the meeting is a conference call? how can the conference call be scheduled repeatededly as well?

Use reservationless conference calls and add the conference details in the body of the invite.

First create a reservationless conference. You will get a new pair of conference call codes (administrator + participant code).

Then just add the participant code in the text body of the repeating meeting invitation that you are about to send out, also add the dial-in numbers as a courtesy to the participants so they’ll know which numbers to dial.

Since it is a reservationless conference code pair, you can use it over and over, no conference scheduling necessary! that simple.

A last recommendation: when creating the reservationless conference, remember to tick or untick the options such as “activate admin access code”, if unticked it will mean that as soon as any participant will dial-in he or she will be able to start speaking. If ticked all the participants will have to wait for the conference organiser to dial in using the administrator code.

Have great conferences!