Tip #2: how to dial into conference calls at lightning speed…

In Tip#1 we learned to save our favorite local access numbers and moderator pin codes into a contact to auto-dial into a conference. This time we want to share a bit of conference call scheduling etiquette.

Include the local access number a couple of pause signs and the participant call into your calendar invites or emails

When we send out an invitation to a conference call to the participants in an email or calendar invite we should always add in the body of the email or invite the full list of local access numbers and the participant pin. Well, we can do much more as a courtesy to those of us dialing in from a mobile to “jump into the call” very fast:

– Add the participant code to the end of the local dial in number preceded by a couple of commas “,” (a comma is a ~3 sec. dialing pause)

I tend to do this by placing the number in the “location” field (or “where” or “place” field) of the invite, that wayit is more visible to the recipients of the invitation. But it is really up to you. (do not leave blanks within a number)

By doing this we are allowing smartphone users to just tap or click the number to instantly dial the number, pause and enter the pin all in one move!
In the case pictured above, as I know that my participants are in Italy, France and or Belgium I just added the 3 relevant locations. Add more or less as necessary!
Ask your colleagues and friends to do this as a courtesy to you as well, ask your assistant to do this when scheduling your meetings!
I hope you find this tip useful!,
have great conferences!