We are almost there…2012 is almost over and we are all getting ready to celebrate! (After all we have all survived the end of the world!)

Before the blog signs off for 2012, here is an interesting article on the experience of a fellow telecommuter who spent the last year working remotely. He found the experience extremely positive. It allowed him to stay close to his 2 year old whilst being much more productive than in his past ‘normal’ job (afterall there is no pressure to leave work early to beat traffic…). On the other hand he didn’t really get to socialize as much with his colleagues…

Of course working remotely is really possible thanks to the continuous advances in telecommunication technologies such as conference calling, desktop sharing and remote presence devices (read more here).

We at myGC are working hard to enable telecommuting, making distant teams work seamlessly and allowing business meetings across the globe to happen without the need to travel.

Thank you for your support this year!
On behalf of the entire team, we wish you a super new year 2013!

Looking forward to your continued trust in our services!

Have great conferences!