Remote hiring anyone?…

We had an interesting question the other day on “remote hiring”. This triggered our interest and hence this post was born to try to share what we know about this practice.

Remote hiring can be read in two ways:

The process of hiring remotely to work on site (i.e. without or with minimal face to face contact)

This is a practice that I have experienced personally, for one myGC does this. More and more companies go further than screening candidates by phone, they will hold actual interviews by phone (using call conferences to have various representatives of the employer present), some will go as far as hiring the candidate without a single face to face meeting. One word of advice, be ready to experience this by treating the phone interviews as seriously as you would treat a “traditional” in person interview. On the other hand, you, the candidate, should also be entitled to see in person the premises of your future potential employer. So if you do get an offer, don’t be shy to ask to visit before you sign! there is nothing wrong with this!

The process of hiring staff that will work from a home office or away from the main premises (eg. telecommuting)

In this space we distinguish between companies looking for remote freelancers and companies looking to hire in person staff that will work remotely (always or part or the time). The latter being usually referred to as telecommuting or remote working (although the first kind is also)

We see multiple companies that are specializing in connecting offer and demand (,,, just to name a few…). They focus mostly on time-bound or task-bound freelance missions. The fact that the employer and employee will interact remotely being a pre-requisite.

When looking for full time staff that will agree to work remotely the usual hiring process is applied, the fact that part or all of the work will be done remotely is usually mentioned in the offer or job posting. Actually it is usually mentioned as a benefit or perk!. If not mentioned, and you believe you could be accomplishing your tasks remotely, don’t be afraid to ask!

Have great conferences!