Introducing our new feature: Google Hangout Connect ! is introducing today its newest feature: Google Hangout Connect.

Have you ever wished you could join a Google Hangout from your phone? Well many of you have and so we thought about giving myGC users the possibility of doing just that.

How it works:

myGC allows a Google Hangout session to be connected to a myGC audio conference, thus allowing participants on the phone (or Skype…) to talk to participants on Hangouts!

1- Launch a Google Hangout,
2- Copy-paste your Google Hangout Connect number in the “call a phone” box
3- You are done!


This is very useful if, for instance, your company uses hangouts, but has users on the move that need to connect from a mobile phone or land-line or spiderphone, … or if you wish to talk to business partners that do not use (or cannot use) Hangouts.

myGC users just need to buy a Google Hangout Connect number and link it to their conference codes. This is a one-time simple operation.

All the detailed explanations can be found here

For additional information, do not hesitate to contact us

Have great conferences!