Google Hangouts Connect App is here! – Connect Hangouts to a call conference! has just launched its new: Google Hangout Connect App.

Have you ever wished you could join a Google Hangout from your phone?
Have you ever wanted to join a telephone conference with a Hangouts session?

Many of you have and so we developed a Google app to do just that with a single click!


How it works:

The App allows you to simply use your myGC audio-conference access code to connect the running Hangout to the myGlobalConference audio-conference.

0- Launch a Google Hangout,
1- Launch the app from the Hangouts session (the first time you need to install the app,click here to do so, then click on the “start a hangout” green bar)
2- Enter your conference admin access code
3- Click the blue button to connect


Use cases:

A – Your company uses hangouts, but has users on the move that need to connect from a mobile phone or land-line or spider-phone
B –  You wish to talk to business partners that do not use (or cannot use) Hangouts. Have them connect by phone!
C – The audio in Hangouts is disturbed – for instance due to poor quality internet connection, a bad microphone,… Have your users connect in parallel over the audio-conference!
D – You want to connect Skype users to a Hangouts session via the myGC audio conference entirely free…because you can.

All the detailed explanations can be found here

For additional information, do not hesitate to contact us

Have great conferences!