Don’t be shy: pick up the phone, get on a conference call!


It might sound like your grand dad talking, but back in the days a lot of business was done over the phone… and guess what? It was efficient!

Newer generations have a tendency to “hide behind email”; in other words try to do everything via email – or even via apps for that matter…

I’m not just talking about ordering pizza via an online form or app; I am talking doing business: following up on a supplier, asking for information, contacting customers. Are we shy? what’s wrong with calling?

But most of us know that when you need to get something done fast, there’s no better way than a live interaction, be it in person or on the phone. When you call, people have to respond, they cannot procrastinate or defer providing you with the info you need. They are giving you their undivided attention and feel that what you are up to is important. There is less room for misunderstanding and everyone is up to date instantly.

So, when it is important and needs getting done quickly: pick up the phone!. And if you need to get multiple stakeholders aligned? Conference calls!. Improve your productivity now ;-)!