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How conference calls work? a glossary…

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The Mysterious Conference Call

It’s a Friday morning and all you’re thinking about is the TGIF drinks tonight as you walk into the office. Suddenly, your boss pops by and says: “Hey! Please arrange a con call later this evening at our office. Let’s get Sally from New York to dial in to our teleconference and Jane from Italy and perhaps, we can all have an audioconference together to get this project going.”

Okay wait. What?

What a party pooper! If you’ve no idea what conference calls are or how they work, you wouldn’t have a clue to what was just said. Con call, teleconference and audioconference are all jargons for the meaning “conference call”.

A conference call is simply a group of 3 or more and even over 3 thousand parties, conversing simultaneously over the phone or a conference call app that is designed to host such a call. These calls can also be made locally or globally with participants dialling in with a given number and a pin code.

Now hang on tight folks, we are now going to tell you what you need to know about the mysterious conference call.

When are conference calls used and are there different types?

Companies use conference calls to converse or distribute information to a varied number of callers at the same time. There are two basic types of a conference calls – The “meet me type” which all participants including the administrator or host, dial in to a common number and the “ad hoc type”, which the host calls each participant to connect the call.

How you can set up a conference call

A company can simply call and sign up with a conference call provider and get everything going immediately. We highly recommend a service that gives you call recording, participant dial out capabilities and dialling in from Skype, SIP or WebRTC.

If you’re in a company that has offices around the region or globally, you may want to strongly consider a service provider that would allow you to have a central billing account as well.

Jargons commonly used that you absolutely need to know

Dialling in / Dial in: The act of dialling a phone number to connect to the central host of the conference call. A conference call service provider would have their own set of phone numbers that you can dial and upon entering a pin code, you will get connected to the host of the call.

Dialling out / Dial out: The act of the administrator / host of the call to call someone outside of the current conference call to add him/her in. It is worthwhile to note that not all conference call providers can provide such a service.

Pin / Call pin code: Each conference call has its own set of pin codes which would need to be entered after dialling the phone number. After entering the pin, the caller will be given access to the call that he/she should be joining.

Administrator / Host: The administrator or host of the call is usually the one who organizes the conference and has a few other controls over the call, such as muting participants or removing them completely. The administrators are also the ones who will be billed for the call.

Reservationless / Permanent conference: These are terms used to describe a non-expiring conference call service, which also means you can have a conference call anytime with no setup needed. The administrator typically owns 2 conference call pins, one for the administrator and one for the participants. They can be used anytime.

Scheduled conference: A type of conference call that is scheduled at a specific time for a specific set of participants. The call pin codes are unique to the conference call only and expire after the end of the call.

Local access number(s): These are the local telephone numbers that you need to dial to connect to a conference call. Most conference call service providers have local access numbers in many countries so that participants do not need to call international phone numbers for connection.

Additional Information

Setting up a conference call is a lot easier once you know the basics of functionality and its jargons. To find out about what a conference call provider can do for you, please click this link here.


Nigel Sim for myGC


Skype conference call? Yes you can with myGlobalConference

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myGlobalConference allows you to dial into your conference call through Skype for free!

…how does it work

2 ways to hold a Skype Conference call with myGlobalConference; one is free, the other is not, beware!

  • the free way consists in adding the user “myglobalconference” to your contacts list in Skype. We automatically accept your invitation and as soon as you call the “myglobalconference” user you are immediately prompted by our system to enter the conference code. No need to worry about dialing a number nor calling nationally nor internationally. You could do it from your mobile phone as well! (data network permitting of course, provided you have the Skype app installed)
  • the non-free way…is if you use Skype to dial one of our dial-in phone numbers. Technically it works… except you get charged by Skype for the phone call (unless you have a flat rate plan… in which case it is still free for you)

You have been warned!

Of course, not every participant needs to dial-in using Skype… the others can connect to the conference call using more traditional methods (landline, mobile phone for instace). Quite practical!

…any drawbacks? What’s the fine print?

Skype uses VoIP technology (Voice over IP); in other words it uses the internet to place calls and connect your computer to the phone system. By definition the call quality is dependent on the quality of your internet connection and the overall traffic levels on the internet at that time of day. Usually it works fine, but sometimes the call could drop, or the voice quality might suffer… this is completely independent from myGlobalConference. With such conditions, even Skype-to-Skype and Skype-to-Phone calls would suffer from the same hiccups. When this happens, we can only recommend to go back to the good old landline or mobile phone to place the call.

Hoping this helps to better understand what happens behind the scenes!

Have great conferences!


more info: (see Skype Conference call section)


How to join a conference call from an iPhone fast – hack –

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Some time ago we wrote about how to join conference calls at lightning speed, the tip referred to a blackberry, yet the same applies to an iPhone.

Indeed, you can just add pauses after the dial-in number and before the PIN of the conference call. Like this: type +12126019299,,3425171 and dial… the phone will dial the number +12126019299 then wait about 3 to 6 seconds and enter the PIN code 3425171.


iphone dial pad

iPhone dial pad has a pause and wait key

Easy!, now you can save this number combination in your contacts in case it’s a combination you use often, you can paste it in an email or a calendar invite and it’ll appear as clickable (blue and underlined). This will make your’s and the participant’s lives easier… (yes, the’ll be forever grateful)

Let’s push the hack further:

If you insert commas or p: (  ,  or p ) you get 3 seconds of pause per comma before the code is entered. This means that if you type 2 commas or p, you get 6 seconds of pause…

If you insert a semi-colon or w: (  ;   or w) you get a wait, meaning the system waits for the other party to pick up and then enters the code. Not recommended for conference calls, better a pause or two rather than a wait…


Have great conferences!


Free conference calls:

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This week we launched a new conference calling service: fully compatible with

It allows users to hold conferences online via the Chrome or Firefox browser for free!
It is extremely intuitive to use and provides easy tools to share the conference codes with friends.

If you have a myGlobalConference conference code, you can use it to launch the conference and invite participants to join the call either via phone or the website!! is based on the WebRTC technology and thus available only on compatible Chrome and Firefox browsers and on all Android devices running Chrome.

Have great conferences.

Conference call security tips

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We got an interesting question the other day on how to preserve confidentiality when in a conference call. After all someone might “secretly” dial in your call to eavesdrop…

Here are a few recommendations on what to do and not to ensure more confidentiality during your calls:

1. Reserve different dial-in codes for internal calls and external calls, use different dial-in codes for different purposes or different external meetings.

2. Make sure you keep the “Beep at participants login” to “yes”,

3. Before starting the meeting ask everyone to identify themselves,

4. Always ask who joined when you hear the beep.

5. If you can, check the webtool to see how many participants are on call at all times.

6. Use scheduled conferences, this method assigns a different code to each participant, the code is temporary and non-reusable. It also allows to identify the callers by their name from the Web tool.

Have great conferences!


Why you need 2 conference call IDs

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Today I met my new assistant. She is pretty experienced and will manage my schedule (read, boss me around). She taught me a couple of tricks and shared her view on how we would be working together. One thing she told me is that I would need 2 conference call codes (i.e. the pairs of codes called administrator and participant pin)…

Why do I need 2 ?

Well, when you have back to back conference call meetings… and your first one overruns… you don’t want the new participants to barge into your call before you’ve closed the first one. Quite smart.

Actually it did happen to me once or twice but since it happened with colleagues… no real harm was done and we just had a laugh. But imagine you are in a call with clients, customers or suppliers… you certainly do not want them to be in the same call at the same time… and you do not want them to just quietly dial-in and listen to your private conversations…

So, if you think you might risk being in such a situation, just create a couple of permanent codes so that you can use them over and over and alternate them. Or use the scheduled conference option. in that case the pair of codes is unique to the call and is never repeated. (remember: allows you to create as many pairs of codes as you want and schedule conference… at no extra charge!)

Have great conferences!


myGlobalConference meets WebRTC to create the WebDialer app to join conferences right from your browser

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Conscious of the fact that accessing conference calls is not always straightforward, we have launched a WebDialer app that allows you to connect to the conference call right from your WebRTC-enabled browser. click here to see what it looks like

In other words if you have a Chrome, Firefox or Opera browser, you have the possibility to use this app natively (i.e. these browsers are compatible with WebRTC without needing to install anything)

Nothing could be more simple:

– Go to
– Enter the conference PIN (participant PIN or administrator PIN)
– You are in the conference!

Did we mention that it’s free? and that calls made through the WebDialer are free?   😉

Have great conferences!


How to join a conference call?, What is a conference call? … here’s the answer

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A short video is worth a thousand words said someone famous (Napoleon, we believe… hmm probably an anachronism, so maybe he meant a small drawing).

Anyway, the answer to “How to join a conference call?, What is a conference call?, … ” is now in video, in a nice and short explainer video. Stay tuned for more of these!

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel, Tweet it, Post it, like it tell your friends! That’s what it’s there for!

Thank you for watching, have great conferences!


Google Hangouts Connect App is here! – Connect Hangouts to a call conference!

By | Conference call, my Global Conference, Teleworking, Tips | No Comments has just launched its new: Google Hangout Connect App.

Have you ever wished you could join a Google Hangout from your phone?
Have you ever wanted to join a telephone conference with a Hangouts session?

Many of you have and so we developed a Google app to do just that with a single click!


How it works:

The App allows you to simply use your myGC audio-conference access code to connect the running Hangout to the myGlobalConference audio-conference.

0- Launch a Google Hangout,
1- Launch the app from the Hangouts session (the first time you need to install the app,click here to do so, then click on the “start a hangout” green bar)
2- Enter your conference admin access code
3- Click the blue button to connect


Use cases:

A – Your company uses hangouts, but has users on the move that need to connect from a mobile phone or land-line or spider-phone
B –  You wish to talk to business partners that do not use (or cannot use) Hangouts. Have them connect by phone!
C – The audio in Hangouts is disturbed – for instance due to poor quality internet connection, a bad microphone,… Have your users connect in parallel over the audio-conference!
D – You want to connect Skype users to a Hangouts session via the myGC audio conference entirely free…because you can.

All the detailed explanations can be found here

For additional information, do not hesitate to contact us

Have great conferences!


How to join a conference call via skype?

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We get this question a lot, myGlobalConference offers the possibility to join a conference call via skype for free (for the first 5 users). But how to do it? And how is this different from just dialling  in?

Well, technically there are 2 ways to join a myGlobalConference conference call via skype, one free and one not… We recommend the free one!

To benefit from the free call, add the user myglobalconference to your contact listand call it as you would any other user. You will be prompted for a code, bring up the dialpad on skype and type in the code. You are done.

The for-a-fee method (not recommended) involves you dialling a dial-in phone number from skype. Technically it works, but it is more expensive since skype considers that you are making a skypeout call.
Hope this helps,

Have great conferences!