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Why use Toll-free numbers for conference calls?

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In all industries, we’ve seen changes and disruptions creeping in slowly over the years. Not sparing the telecommunications industry is the rise of technology supporting long distance calls and the way we hold conference calls.

Not only did the way we conduct conference calls change, the way we worked has also changed dramatically over the years. Working remotely has been the trend and will continue to be in the years to come. In fact, it is estimated that 70% of companies worldwide are promoting flexible working styles and an estimated of 1.3 billion workers are already working remotely across the globe.

An increase in worldwide calling plans has also been noticed – Businesses now rely more on remote telecommunications than ever before. These days, as plenty of businesses rely on IP telephony, the majority of call providers have included domestic and long distance calls as part of their packages. You can find out more about them by clicking here.

Getting a toll-free number has its advantages – Participants can join a conference call for free anywhere in the country which makes participants less hesitant to dial in. Calling a toll-free number is also seen as a form of professional courtesy from the host (the one inviting to the conference call) who picks up the bill which can have a positive impact on brand image, or simply increase attendance rates to the conference call.

If you would like to register for your free calling account, click this link here!

Nigel Sim for myGC

Things to do during conference calls…

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I stumbled upon this article from the New York Times on Conference calls… quite interesting to read that many multitask during conference calls… what do you do during conference calls?

Do you practice yoga? Clean your house? Read your email backlog? …

The article argues that there are 3 types of calls people attend: The ones you lead, the ones where you actively participate in and the ones your “are in cc of”… for the latter, you are basically tuning in and listening, sometimes chipping in with some half-smart comment. Those are the ones where you can afford to do something else during the call I guess… When you are leading or actively participating your full attention is needed… yet doing some simple repetitive task while talking can actually improve your concentration… some folks like to juggle, iron clothes, drive… often times just standing is enough to make your conversation more focused and to the point.

Happy conferencing! Happy holidays!



Don’t be shy: pick up the phone, get on a conference call!

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It might sound like your grand dad talking, but back in the days a lot of business was done over the phone… and guess what? It was efficient!

Newer generations have a tendency to “hide behind email”; in other words try to do everything via email – or even via apps for that matter…

I’m not just talking about ordering pizza via an online form or app; I am talking doing business: following up on a supplier, asking for information, contacting customers. Are we shy? what’s wrong with calling?

But most of us know that when you need to get something done fast, there’s no better way than a live interaction, be it in person or on the phone. When you call, people have to respond, they cannot procrastinate or defer providing you with the info you need. They are giving you their undivided attention and feel that what you are up to is important. There is less room for misunderstanding and everyone is up to date instantly.

So, when it is important and needs getting done quickly: pick up the phone!. And if you need to get multiple stakeholders aligned? Conference calls!. Improve your productivity now ;-)!


Google Hangouts Connect App is here! – Connect Hangouts to a call conference!

By | Conference call, my Global Conference, Teleworking, Tips | No Comments has just launched its new: Google Hangout Connect App.

Have you ever wished you could join a Google Hangout from your phone?
Have you ever wanted to join a telephone conference with a Hangouts session?

Many of you have and so we developed a Google app to do just that with a single click!


How it works:

The App allows you to simply use your myGC audio-conference access code to connect the running Hangout to the myGlobalConference audio-conference.

0- Launch a Google Hangout,
1- Launch the app from the Hangouts session (the first time you need to install the app,click here to do so, then click on the “start a hangout” green bar)
2- Enter your conference admin access code
3- Click the blue button to connect


Use cases:

A – Your company uses hangouts, but has users on the move that need to connect from a mobile phone or land-line or spider-phone
B –  You wish to talk to business partners that do not use (or cannot use) Hangouts. Have them connect by phone!
C – The audio in Hangouts is disturbed – for instance due to poor quality internet connection, a bad microphone,… Have your users connect in parallel over the audio-conference!
D – You want to connect Skype users to a Hangouts session via the myGC audio conference entirely free…because you can.

All the detailed explanations can be found here

For additional information, do not hesitate to contact us

Have great conferences!


How to join a conference call via skype?

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We get this question a lot, myGlobalConference offers the possibility to join a conference call via skype for free (for the first 5 users). But how to do it? And how is this different from just dialling  in?

Well, technically there are 2 ways to join a myGlobalConference conference call via skype, one free and one not… We recommend the free one!

To benefit from the free call, add the user myglobalconference to your contact listand call it as you would any other user. You will be prompted for a code, bring up the dialpad on skype and type in the code. You are done.

The for-a-fee method (not recommended) involves you dialling a dial-in phone number from skype. Technically it works, but it is more expensive since skype considers that you are making a skypeout call.
Hope this helps,

Have great conferences!

We heard you: auto refill is now available!

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Dear Users, we heard you!
We have just activated the Auto refill function! You can now top up your account automatically as soon as the balance drops below a threshold you determine. You can also determine the amount of the top up!
How to activate it? Just follow the usual steps to add credits to your account, this time you will see that under the payment method box there is a tick box that you can select to activate the feature. Just tick the box and you will be prompted to select the threshold for the auto refill and the amount to be refilled automatically.
Quite simple and very safe!
PS: You can follow the same steps should you want to de-activate it of course

Have great conferences!

Portuguese language added!

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Yes, our quest to better serve you never ends, is now available in Portuguese!

Users checking-in from Portugal and Brazil will be automatically directed to the site in Portuguese / Brazilian Portuguese. Otherwise, to select the site in Portuguese (or any other language) just select from the language menu in the top right corner of our site!. (click here to try it out)

obrigado e bem-vindo ao myGC!

as a reminder our dial-in numbers in Portugal and Brazil are:

Brazil: +551139583840

Portugal: +351308800116,

Have great conferences!


New feature: iNum, the global “local” dial-in number

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Some of you might have noticed already, some of you might have not, but we have introduced a new type of dial-in number: the iNum

What is an iNum?

iNum is a global area code, in other words its an international country code for a country that doesn’t exist in reality. Its area code is +883. (more info to feed your curiosity can be found here)

Why is it useful?

Many VoIP providers do not charge for calls made through this area code, others charge as a local call so this can be quite an advantage. A quick inquiry to your local telco operator is recommended to make sure this is the case.

So here it is! The iNum dial-in is: +883510080012

Have great conferences!


Sharing office space and a desk, an increasingly new way of working in our new normal world

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Its been a growing trend lately, partly due to the crisis and its austerity measures, but also partly due to a new way of approaching life – in a less wasteful way.

Sharing: time sharing, co-owning, renting, swapping, re-using… 

We can all relate, more and more people share, it is not uncommon to hear of a friend of colleague who co-owns (and shares) a car with a friend, or who has access to a shared car via its public transport yearly pass. People share summer houses, or share common areas in apartment buildings (spa, swimming pool but also just a play room), or share an vegetable garden in a neighborhood. Some people share a job, with two people working part time on the same task.

So it is no surprise that in the wake of a growing trend of remote working, we see sharing an office space and desks with others also becoming more and more popular. Although the concept of renting office space in a larger complex or office building is not new, what we are seeing appearing is the presence of remote workers who check-in to a close-by shared office space to telecommute. Effectively only renting out a desk and access to an internet connection, maybe a printer. A bit like what happens in airport lounges. Your neighbors in the office are not your colleagues, they work for other companies also remotely.

A bit like Airbnb proposes a platform for homeowners to advertise and rent their homes for a few days, ShareDesk proposes a platform for office space owners to advertise and rent their (extra) office space to occasional or not-so-occasional remote workers and telecommuters.

After all, if you are telecommuting, it is probably better for you to be in an office environment (a quite cool one too if possible) than just at home. You can meet people, have a chat, exchange views, grab a quick lunch next door… all of this without having to drive or commute for too long.

We love the idea, and we support it with the technology and service to enable it:conferencing calls!