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Why use Toll-free numbers for conference calls?

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In all industries, we’ve seen changes and disruptions creeping in slowly over the years. Not sparing the telecommunications industry is the rise of technology supporting long distance calls and the way we hold conference calls.

Not only did the way we conduct conference calls change, the way we worked has also changed dramatically over the years. Working remotely has been the trend and will continue to be in the years to come. In fact, it is estimated that 70% of companies worldwide are promoting flexible working styles and an estimated of 1.3 billion workers are already working remotely across the globe.

An increase in worldwide calling plans has also been noticed – Businesses now rely more on remote telecommunications than ever before. These days, as plenty of businesses rely on IP telephony, the majority of call providers have included domestic and long distance calls as part of their packages. You can find out more about them by clicking here.

Getting a toll-free number has its advantages – Participants can join a conference call for free anywhere in the country which makes participants less hesitant to dial in. Calling a toll-free number is also seen as a form of professional courtesy from the host (the one inviting to the conference call) who picks up the bill which can have a positive impact on brand image, or simply increase attendance rates to the conference call.

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Essential & Advanced Conference Call Features

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So you’re thinking about setting up a conference call system for your business. What features are you going to include? Some are essential and every company needs them. Others might be optional and depend on your organization’s size and complexity. Let’s find out more.

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The Essential Conference Call Features

There are some things you can’t live without. Sunshine and chocolate are two. The others are toll free, local and VoIP dial-in access for your conference calls. This ensures that no participant is left out regardless of geographic location.

Now let’s look at some other features that are more or less optional but are nice to have.

Email Notification, Calendar Integration & SMS

One pretty much essential feature invites people to attend a conference by email. We all have busy schedules today and these reminders help keep attendees on the ball. You can also give them a brief preview of what the conference is about.

For those that use Gmail, Outlook or similar online resource, the email reminder can also integrate into their calendars. Got someone really distracted? You can also ping them with an SMS reminder.

Audio Recording

It’s hard to take detailed notes during a busy conference call. Instead, you should pay attention to the conversation. This is why recording is extremely helpful. You also might have organizational regulations that require conversation recording. Make sure you inform participants that you are recording the conversation.

Call History Detail

This feature lets you know at a glance things like timing of people joining, phone numbers and cost of conference. For employers, it might be useful to know who shows up on time. Also, the cost analysis helps you streamline your conference call use.

Participant Announcement

This feature prompts participants to record their name, and then they are announced when they join. It’s best if you can turn this feature on or off.

Maximum Number of Participants

The best conference call services allow you to have up to 100 participants or more. Really big numbers might be more for calling in to hear a speaker… or if you have a ton of friends. One hundred people talking at once can get kind of annoying, so play nice and take turns please.


Now this is a really nifty feature if you can get it. The conference call dashboard gives you real time data such as who’s connected and the name of who’s talking (in case you forgot). You can mute, unmute and even remove people from your conference. Need to call someone from your conference to get them involved? Do it directly from your dashboard. How cool is that?


When picking conference call features, consider your organization’s size and specific needs. Also, make sure your provider can meet your demands as you grow.

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