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Conference call security tips

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We got an interesting question the other day on how to preserve confidentiality when in a conference call. After all someone might “secretly” dial in your call to eavesdrop…

Here are a few recommendations on what to do and not to ensure more confidentiality during your calls:

1. Reserve different dial-in codes for internal calls and external calls, use different dial-in codes for different purposes or different external meetings.

2. Make sure you keep the “Beep at participants login” to “yes”,

3. Before starting the meeting ask everyone to identify themselves,

4. Always ask who joined when you hear the beep.

5. If you can, check the webtool to see how many participants are on call at all times.

6. Use scheduled conferences, this method assigns a different code to each participant, the code is temporary and non-reusable. It also allows to identify the callers by their name from the Web tool.

Have great conferences!