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Why you need 2 conference call IDs

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Today I met my new assistant. She is pretty experienced and will manage my schedule (read, boss me around). She taught me a couple of tricks and shared her view on how we would be working together. One thing she told me is that I would need 2 conference call codes (i.e. the pairs of codes called administrator and participant pin)…

Why do I need 2 ?

Well, when you have back to back conference call meetings… and your first one overruns… you don’t want the new participants to barge into your call before you’ve closed the first one. Quite smart.

Actually it did happen to me once or twice but since it happened with colleagues… no real harm was done and we just had a laugh. But imagine you are in a call with clients, customers or suppliers… you certainly do not want them to be in the same call at the same time… and you do not want them to just quietly dial-in and listen to your private conversations…

So, if you think you might risk being in such a situation, just create a couple of permanent codes so that you can use them over and over and alternate them. Or use the scheduled conference option. in that case the pair of codes is unique to the call and is never repeated. (remember: allows you to create as many pairs of codes as you want and schedule conference… at no extra charge!)

Have great conferences!