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How to join a conference call via skype?

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We get this question a lot, myGlobalConference offers the possibility to join a conference call via skype for free (for the first 5 users). But how to do it? And how is this different from just dialling  in?

Well, technically there are 2 ways to join a myGlobalConference conference call via skype, one free and one not… We recommend the free one!

To benefit from the free call, add the user myglobalconference to your contact listand call it as you would any other user. You will be prompted for a code, bring up the dialpad on skype and type in the code. You are done.

The for-a-fee method (not recommended) involves you dialling a dial-in phone number from skype. Technically it works, but it is more expensive since skype considers that you are making a skypeout call.
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Have great conferences!

We heard you: auto refill is now available!

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Dear Users, we heard you!
We have just activated the Auto refill function! You can now top up your account automatically as soon as the balance drops below a threshold you determine. You can also determine the amount of the top up!
How to activate it? Just follow the usual steps to add credits to your account, this time you will see that under the payment method box there is a tick box that you can select to activate the feature. Just tick the box and you will be prompted to select the threshold for the auto refill and the amount to be refilled automatically.
Quite simple and very safe!
PS: You can follow the same steps should you want to de-activate it of course

Have great conferences!