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Portuguese language added!

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Yes, our quest to better serve you never ends, is now available in Portuguese!

Users checking-in from Portugal and Brazil will be automatically directed to the site in Portuguese / Brazilian Portuguese. Otherwise, to select the site in Portuguese (or any other language) just select from the language menu in the top right corner of our site!. (click here to try it out)

obrigado e bem-vindo ao myGC!

as a reminder our dial-in numbers in Portugal and Brazil are:

Brazil: +551139583840

Portugal: +351308800116,

Have great conferences!


New feature: iNum, the global “local” dial-in number

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Some of you might have noticed already, some of you might have not, but we have introduced a new type of dial-in number: the iNum

What is an iNum?

iNum is a global area code, in other words its an international country code for a country that doesn’t exist in reality. Its area code is +883. (more info to feed your curiosity can be found here)

Why is it useful?

Many VoIP providers do not charge for calls made through this area code, others charge as a local call so this can be quite an advantage. A quick inquiry to your local telco operator is recommended to make sure this is the case.

So here it is! The iNum dial-in is: +883510080012

Have great conferences!